A few testimonials from the Zeal for Life Wellness

A few testimonials from the zeal products

Here are a few things that my customers have relayed back to me since trying Zeal For Life Wellness Drink:

MD – was having daily headaches and now since drinking the wellness grape once per day has not experienced any headaches the past two weeks and is experiencing more energy.

SS- has noticed big change in appetite, cravings for sweets have diminished and desire for caffeine sodas has declined. Not as hungry as before and feeling more energy and clarity of mind and carpal tunnel pains haven’t been flaring up.

TS- after the first time drinking wellness Sugar level dropped 46 points! Can’t wait to hear further updates

BW- more energy, more clarity of mind- remembering things and not feeling as stressed, more energy and not so exhausted at the end of the day.

CT- Noticed more energy and feeling better each day.

RS-Drop in Blood Pressure

HE- Noticeable extra energy with the first try -found themselves doing extra cleaning that normally not enough energy for.

AM-Noticed lots of extra energy after taking the wellness and lower blood pressure.